3 PM - 5 PM

This screening features 6 short films. All films will be English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Park Theatre

560 32nd Street,

Union City,

NJ 07087


Tickets will go on sale in 2022:

Regular: $20

A Peacock Dance (United States)

By Emily Eng

An Asian American girl attending Chinese School faces her personal obstacles fitting in with her classmates. Running time: 00:11:22

A Peacock Dance (United States) By Emily

The Vet Van (United States)

By Sarah Jenks, Lizzie Mulvey

Lucy’s Labrador has lost 25 pounds. Tabitha’s chihuahua has parvovirus. For these two families, a mobile veterinary clinic is the only affordable option. One in three New York City households owns a pet and about 20 percent of New Yorkers live below the poverty line. As the city gets more expensive, so does veterinary care. Lucy and Tabitha have to make tough choices to save the pets who help them cope with isolation and poverty. The vet van is a low-cost solution, but not a perfect one. Is it worth the trade offs? Two families risk it all to find out. Running time: 00:30:00

The Vet Van (United States) By Sarah Jen

De-Eschatology (United States)

By Charly Santagado, Eriel Santagado

De-Eschatology is a physical manifestation of the claustrophobic conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis and the yearning to break free from them. The piece seeks to draw attention to a heightened sense of touch, which directly results from the lack of physical contact many in quarantine face. The film's trajectory explores the gradual de-escalation of shelter-in-place orders, and its psychological effects. Running time: 00:05:00


De-Eschatology (United States) by Charly

Tender Age (France)

By Julien Gaspar-Oliveri

Diane, sixteen, exclusively lives in the eyes of her mother, Sophie. Their symbiotic relationship is becoming more and more troublesome for the teenager. At school, she clumsily expresses her need to be loved the way she is at home, like when she trades a favor for a glance, in the toilets. Big mouth, provocative and attention seeker, the young girl tries to break away from her mother. For one week-end, she wishes to live like a grown up. Running time: 00:26:50



American Express (Germany)

By Häly Heinecker

Following the filmmaker through the aftermath of a long-distance relationship, spaces which where once relevant points of connection are revisited as part of an individual journey. Superposition of distance and proximity creates a cathartic expercience. An experimental exploration of anxious attachment, removing projection and resolving in clarity. Running time: 00:06:50

American Express (Germany) by Häly Heine

Olyan Dolgok - Things Like (Austria)

By Kálmán Nagy

Éva lives a nightmare. She has the terrible suspicion that her husband has done something to her five-year-old daughter. Éva seeks help from her best friends. But can they help her? Running time: 00:25:17

OLYAN DOLGOK - Things like (Austria) by