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MAY 31 - JUNE 16, 2024

This streaming selection features 9 sfilms. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.


A Red Shirt _edited.jpg

A Red Shirt (India) by Siddharth Tripathy

Cash-crunched due to an ongoing farmer’s protest, Bhagat tries everything at his disposal to fetch his grandson’s coveted red shirt; will he succeed?

Running Time: 01:38:20

Kissing Ralph .jpeg

Kissing Ralph (United States) by Daniel Lewinstein

Kissing Ralph follows an anxious young man as he struggles to participate in the societal rituals expected of him.

Running Time: 00:40:00

Where I'm From .jpeg

Where I'm From (Canada) by Sina Nazarian

The dreams of two artists become synchronized as they attempt to face their inner shadows and unmask their true selves.

Running Time: 00:29:45

The Caves of Vinculum _edited.jpg

The Caves of Vinculum (United States) by Sean Ryan

After a blow out fight, a mutated swimmer searches occult caves to save her dying mother.

Running Time: 00:27:57


Pentaclub [The Club of Five] (Italy) by Roberto Strazzarino

The year is 1968. Five teenage boys dream of running a movie theater in which they will not show pro-war films. One summer afternoon Giò, Delfo, Max, Ricky and Paolo learn to become trusted friends, indispensable to one another. A coming-of-age, adventure film about friendship, one with small but large rebellious acts that signal the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood.

A group of friends, who met in the 1960s, was essential to the film’s production. In fact, the production design and costume departments were entrusted by the director to lifelong friends with whom he shared his early experiments with 8mm film whilst the screenplay was written by the director and his wife. Therefore, Pentaclub is a film about friendship, both on the screen and behind the scenes. Other departments were handled by professionals.

Running Time: 00:19:59

Cataract .jpeg

Cataract (Denmark) by Jonatan Egholm Keis

A desperate woman robs a gas station with her nearly-blind younger brother and catapults herself into deep water in order to pay for his cataract surgery.

Running Time: 00:24:24

Dear Nana .jpeg

Dear Nana (United States) by Han Nguyen

Dear Nana is a deeply personal work that reflects my own childhood memory of living as a queer kid in a small, conservative town in North Central Coast, Vietnam. It is made in memory of my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2011. She was the first person to teach me that there is no shame in being myself and doing whatever makes me happy instead of trying to conform to the norm and doing what is expected of me. This work is both about remembering her and reassuring myself that she would still be supportive of me now that I have come so far in my journey of self-expression. The film also features aspects of Vietnamese culture, such as the tradition to venerate our ancestors and pray for their blessings.

Running Time: 00:02:43

Tyranny of the Unafflicted .jpeg

Tyranny of the Unafflicted (United States) by Adam E Stone

In this experimental, allegorical meditation on chronic illness and the poorly understood medical conditions that often underlie it, an unseen man describes his struggles with an auditory affliction amid the apathy and ableism that surround him.

Running Time: 00:06:26

The melody of ashes .jpeg

The melody of ashes (Switzerland) by Jonathan Moratal

Being haunted by the past can lead to an inferno.

Running Time: 00:02:20

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