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SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2024

This screening features 5 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Cranford Theater, 25 North Avenue West, Cranford

Tickets are $10 each: order here​​​.

Just Right .jpeg

Just Right (United States) by Camille Wormser

A peek inside the absurd and whimsical mind of Mel, a  woman with severe OCD trying to do something new with her day.

Running Time: 00:15:30


Diversion (Politics of) (Belgium) by Simon Heymans

On the trail of a serial killer, a police investigator with formidable instincts is close to the goal when his superior interferes in his case.

Running Time: 00:17:00

The middle of the garage .jpeg

The middle of the garage (Canada) by Lisa Bolduc

The mysterious arrival of a huge trunk in the garage of Pierre's house turns his life upside down. At 55, with time passing too slowly and dreams gone, loneliness suddenly seems less burdensome. The strange appearance of the object became Pierre's only obsession, and the discovery of its contents, a new goal in life.

Running Time: 00:13:01

THE FUSE .jpeg

The Fuse (Switzerland) by Kevin Haefelin

Cassius, a worn-down Latinx gladiator of modern life fights to make a living as a nighttime garbage man in the concrete arena of the Bronx. One night he’s inevitably laid off and faces his fear of becoming a homeless pariah. On his own terms, he sets up his final farewell but a fuse unexpectedly defaults him and makes him wonder through the night in quest of his truth.

Running Time: 00:18:55

Nocturnal Burger.jpeg

Nocturnal Burger (United States) by Reema Maya

A 13-year-old girl and a 30-something man are brought to a police station in Mumbai in the middle of the night by two strangers. Amidst questionable motives and unreliable narrators, a frustrated female constable investigates what happened that night, and what could’ve happened.

Running time: 00:27:27

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